Hello. My name is Bob Larsen. My friends call me Dr. Bob. 

Bio of Dr. Bob

Dr. Bob Larsen is a working-class kid who grew up to become a ‘working man’s shrink’. He has more degrees than a thermometer.

Forsaking a career in molecular and cellular biology, Dr. Bob opted to attend medical school at Northwestern University where he was smitten by the field of psychiatry, never having taken a course in psychology. He then bypassed his alma mater in Colorado to complete a residency at UCSF, a Robert Wood Johnson fellowship at Stanford/UCSF, and an MPH at Cal. His expertise in the fields of occupational & forensic psychiatry have been taught in his role as a Clinical Professor at UCSF School of Medicine (volunteer faculty, 1984-2017).

Dr. Bob served on the Industrial Medical Council for its entire thirteen-year existence. He has done yeoman’s work for impaired physicians, seriously injured workers, and all who confront stodgy bureaucrats in our health care system. He’s a member of the American College of Psychiatrists and the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry. Not a blind advocate, yet hopefully a man of the people.

For more information about Dr. Bob’s biography, background, publications and presentations go to my medical group’s website www.occupationalpsych.com

Dr. Bob’s …