Dr. Bob is working on a sequel to “Wounded Workers” — Stay tuned for updates!

“Wounded Workers” is Dr. Bob’s first book intended for an audience of folks who have worked or are still working. 

The book recounts the stories of America’s workforce subjected to physical and psychological trauma for doing their jobs. Tales from the trenches, of workers tormented by ill fortune, both natural and man-made, is the book’s focus. A bank teller robbed one too many times, a paramedic who cannot save his own father’s life, a prostitute who becomes an advocate for sex workers and other unfortunate employees who find themselves sent to me.

“Wounded Workers” will grab your attention while experiencing the human response to horrific, yet common critical incidents. Clinical terminology is minimized. You won’t need a medical degree to understand what these workers go through. 

My own personal journey as a working-class kid who becomes a scientist, physician and professor is intertwined with the dynamics of victimization, recovery, and advocacy. 

Readers will be exposed to stories of workers subjected to shootings, amputations, sexual assaults and healthcare-induced disability. You will relate to the plight, courage and persistence of victims who could be your neighbor, friend, family member or co-worker. You will be glued to the couch while turning pages.

“Wounded Workers” is now available for purchase at Amazon Books. Order your copy below!

I am currently researching the background material for my next book tentatively entitled “America’s Most Dangerous Jobs”. More on that development will come with time.

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