Ask About Guns – posted by on June 19, 2023

Brady and Giffords are two organizations dedicated to addressing gun violence in America. June is National Gun Violence Awareness month. Many Americans feel impotent in impacting firearm-related tragedies. Join with Team Brady by wearing orange this June as a means of showing solidarity with advocates of gun safety.

Asking Saves Kids Day is June 21 — this Wednesday. Do your part by asking someone you know if a child has access to an unsecured gun in their home. About 4.6 million kids live around firearms that have not been properly stored. As a physician, I learned long ago prevention is effective in reducing public health problems such as heart disease, COVID-19 and violence. So, take a stand and ask, “Is there an unlocked gun in your home where a kid will be playing?”

By Dr. Bob Larsen

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