Find a Balance & Heal Thyself – March, 2020

When recently going through a number of cases seen in our office, I found myself thinking about all those individuals who have had tragic experiences while at work. Doctors sometimes identify with our patients. However, that is not unique to the medical profession. Attorneys, claims administrators, case managers, union representatives, vocational consultants, judges and all those providing support related to claims of work-related conflict and injury are also affected by the tales we hear.

While of course it is far worse for the individual who is traumatized than for those who work with them, it is only human to be affected by stories of resilience or alternatively victimization. Severe burns, amputations, assaults, head injuries, robberies and unforeseen acts of God affect the people who come through our doors. Their tales affect us all. 

It really is important to find some balance between managing the troubling tales of others and having a life outside of work. My words of wisdom are simple. Enjoy friends, family and life. Don’t let the months pass by without recharging your batteries.

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