Support Your Team – September 18,2020

Whether working in person or from home these days, we are all part of a team. This holds for solo practitioner attorneys as well as claims examiners working for large insurers with offices throughout the state and perhaps the nation. Your team encompasses many more individuals than your manager, your supervisees and you. Your team includes people that are not even co-workers. In a world in which important tasks are outsourced to independent contractors and other partners, our team and yours include the UPS driver, the janitors, building maintenance staff, building security, a website designer, an accounting firm, pension plan experts and others necessary for producing your company’s goods and services. In a time wherein we attempt to maintain normalcy while nothing seems normal, supporting your team is more important than ever.

Supporting your team is simple. By doing so you remind yourself and others that no one works alone. We humans are social creatures. Your team provides needed interchange with others. 

There are three easy steps that you can take during The Time of the Pandemic to support your team. 

  1. Be mindful who is on your team. Don’t take co-workers, contractors and other partners at work for granted. Begin by making a list of all the people who help you get the job done.
  2. During these challenging times begin conversations with members of your team by asking, “How are you doing?” That is usually enough to show that you share a connection with each other.
  3. Give thanks and show gratitude for accomplishments that are not merely your own. You may be amazed at how good it feels to be magnanimous.

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