The Gun Divide – posted by on January 22, 2024

Last year, our nation set a record for the number of mass shootings, defined as four or more persons shot and killed during a critical incident. America averaged over two mass shootings per day in 2023. U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich has authored a bill that requires modifications to assault rifles sold across the country. State Rep. Andrea Romero has introduced similar legislation at the state level. A number of gun safety measures are pending in this year’s session in Santa Fe.

Guns divide us. One side speaks of Second Amendment rights and is backed by the National Rifle Association. I side with citizens who ask, “What about my right to feel safe when out in public?” I’m a psychiatrist who evaluates cops and victims of gun violence. In my opinion, it’s not the shooter who’s nuts, but our society for putting up with our gun violence epidemic. Let’s do something about it.

Dr. Bob Larsen, MPH, is a doctor living in Santa Fe.

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