I recommend this book to people who enjoy inspirational stories as well as memoirs …

Wounded Workers: Tales from a Working Man’s Shrink by Dr Bob Larsen is a collection of stories detailing Dr Bob’s journey of becoming an occupational psychiatrist and the various patients he has encountered. Dr Larsen runs the Center for Occupational Psychiatry that he started in 1985 in Downtown San Francisco. His patients are mainly referrals from employers, insurance companies or judicial orders to help determine the outcome of a claims compensation after a workplace injury. 

The stories are presented in short chapters with a preceding photo before each that captures the tale’s essence. They detail his professional life, parts of his personal life and a myriad of patients. He shows those he ensured got the help they needed, those he could not help due to denial of their issues and those whose options were limited and their compensation couldn’t match their injuries. The book is informational, emotional and enjoyable in equal parts.

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