LIKE BUILDING A HOUSE – February 19, 2021

The GOOD news is Wounded Workers will be available on Amazon in March! This long-awaited treatise on the plight and resilience of American workers can be yours for the asking. Just go to the book’s website & click on the “Be the First to Know” or “Contact Me” to sign up for the details of the launch.

It’s been years since I began writing Wounded Workers. I wasn’t sure where it would end up. I had written journal articles, chapters in textbooks, letters to the editors of newspapers, op-eds, obits, and other written products for consumption by professional audiences and the general public. I thought writing a book would be a logical next step.

Not so. Producing a book is more like building a house than writing a position statement, an editorial or a chapter in a textbook. It’s the difference between a room addition and new construction. You might be able to do a renovation on your own. It takes a construction team to build a house.

I now realize after years of individual effort at organizing the material and writing the stories in Wounded Workers that only got me through the permit process of book building. Just as architectural plans are updated and revised, so too is a manuscript edited, proofed and put through design review. You start out thinking a good idea and an empty lot are all that’s necessary to build a great residence. With time, you realize you are part of a team. An architect designing his, or a general contractor building her, dream home doesn’t work alone. Good authors need editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, research assistants, gifted printers and other talented artisans.

So, please come to my house warming. Get a copy of Wounded Workers. Write a review, if you are so inclined. You’re invited to share the website & the book’s availability with a friend. Maybe give a copy as a gift to someone you know who will identify with the employees honored by the tales that the book tells.

I look forward to hearing what tales spoke to you. Many thanks in advance, Dr. Bob

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